When I’m not working you can find me exploring the coastline, relaxing with my 3 “hart punte” Kobus (husband), Zara (spanador child) and Mikino (SPCA rescue child).

I’m obsessed with all things technology and online innovation

My 2022 obsessions include: NFTs, Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Crypto Inversting. And how I can intergrate it into the flow of my community to help make this world just a bit sweeter…


Hey there, I´m Sumari

With a Design career that stretches over 2 decades,  and a passion for supporting Female entrepreneurs in the Online space, I started SumariVD.com with the vision of providing professional services to inspiring women across the globe.

I’m passionate about providing expert support to the women who inspire me and to help them find the perfect match to online technology. Providing guidance and strategy to which technological path to take to fit your goals, mission and your ideal lifestyle. 

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