Breakthrough Strategy Session

If you’re looking at what move to make to take your business online or levelling up your current online business – then book a BSS with me today to get a clear picture on your next power moves.

Are you a bit stuck with where to go or what to do next?

You’ve had success in the past, growing fast, BUT now you’ve hit the ceiling. You’re not sure what step to take next to break through and continue your way up. Past success methods aren’t cutting it and the rules are constantly changing in the digital online space. You don’t have time to consult for months on end. All you want is for someone to refresh your perspective, give you some steps and strategies to breakthrough and get moving. 

Do you want to pick my brain for 90 minutes and come away with more clarity on yon what to do next for your business? Yes? Okay great! My 90 minute power session is perfect for you! If you’re looking at what move to make next, taking your business online or taking your current online business to the next level – then book a BSS with me today to get a clear picture on your next power moves you’re in the right place.

Over the course of 90 minutes I work 1:1 with you to figure out what your unique needs, frustrations and motivations are. Using  frameworks, spreadsheets & strategies I have designed, and implemented over the years to build out your action plan!

I’ll provide you with the call recording, any and all resources discussed as well as a workbook of all of our notes! You’ll also benefit from 2 weeks of ongoing support and advice to keep you accountable throughout!

Breakthrough Session


The investment to begin working with me is $700. I respect my time and yours so only complete if you are ready to make a investment to change your business and your life, and you have the funds to make your first $700 deposit readily available.

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